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Words are...our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.

J.K. Rowling 

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Professional courses now offered

Working Developmentally - Psychoanalytic Developmental Thinking in our Clinical Work with Adults

   This course will begin in October and will include 8 monthly meetings for reading, discussion, and consultation regarding our clinical work. 

    *More information will be posted within the next two weeks on dates, times, cost, and registration.    

‚ÄčJanuary 2019

Anna Freud’s Developmental Tradition - Evolution of Theory and Clinical Practice in Our Work with Children and Adolescents

     This course will explore Anna Freud’s work with children and adolescents – its course of development and its application to our clinical work today. The course will examine the Developmental Lines, the Index Project of the Hampstead Clinic, as well as the Diagnostic Profile – which has been recently revised and updated through the efforts of several practitioners in Britain, Italy, and the U.S. 

February 2019

The Independent Mind in Our Clinical Work 

    This course will explore the Independent Tradition in British psychoanalysis (its history and current developments) - and will include the examination of the Controversial Discussions of 1941-45, during which the ‘Middle Group’  (Independents) developed.   

Specific dates, times, and location will be announced shortly. Please email me of your interest in these, or other topics.